Important Announcement! @lnohara95 #blogging

Hello my beautiful readers.
Just need to give you an update of what is happening.

As you well know, I constantly update my blog template, but seen as it is a bit 'meh' because I edited it myself, I am getting a professional design where I do need someone to create it for me. As it is close to the end of 2015 (time flies!) I am going to stop doing blog posts until the new year as I will be tweaking my blog template. What's the word for it?? Refurbish?

My blog needs a whole new refurbish as it looks very amateur! When I come back, my blog will look more professional and pleasing to the eye. Also, it will go well with my style of writing and pictures. I am so excited for the new beginning of my blog, and as it is coming to the new year, it is perfect timing. 

New Year, New Blog Template.

How excited are you?? I am very excited! 

As I won't be doing anymore blog posts until the new year, please don't hesitate to read from the archives as there are hundreds of posts to catch up on. I will be very active on Twitter as well, so if you would like to follow me and join the fun, please go to  ! 

I will look forward to seeing you on my Twitter.
I am even more looking forward to reading your opinions on my new blog template in the new year!

I hope you have had a lovely Christmas.

Have a Happy New Year!

Much love,