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Do you ever catch yourself romanticizing earlier time periods?

Thoughts like, “It was so much easier to establish authority with ebooks when they weren’t as common” or “I wish people still had longer attention spans.”

Before you get too bummed out, remember that digital content creators are currently well-positioned and previous generations had their challenges as well.

Even way back when long-form, romantic love letters were all the rage, a hastily scribbled note was the equivalent of today’s cursory, ambiguous text message.

But let’s see what we can learn from our creative forefathers — the ones who have made a powerful impact on contemporary writing and content marketing.

This week’s Copyblogger Collection is a series of three handpicked articles that will show you:

  • How to kill writer’s block and become a master copywriter
  • How to demand attention
  • How to energize your content with made-up words

As you work your way through the material below, think of the following lessons as a mini content writing course.

How to Kill Writer’s Block and Become a Master Copywriter in Only 3 Hours a Day


Check out How to Kill Writer’s Block and Become a Master Copywriter in Only 3 Hours a Day for a profound tale about Eugene Schwartz’s dedication to excellence — and keep reading to learn a simple writing practice that can help you focus on producing your best work.

Robert Bruce breaks down the system that enabled Schwartz to be a powerful and lucrative copywriter.

No fancy tools or gimmicks needed. This technique appeals to those who value craft, hard work, and research.

10 Ways to Piss Off David Ogilvy (Free Poster)


Demian Farnworth explains legendary copywriter David Ogilvy’s outlook on the advertising business:

David developed some firm views on the discipline. In fact, David repeated them so often in his lectures, interviews, and memos, you might call them themes.

Themes he wanted infused into his agency’s corporate culture.

Violate one of these themes and you just might find yourself on the receiving end of a stern memo or handwritten note scribbled on a scrap of paper from David.

Grab the full list of themes you don’t want to violate in 10 Ways to Piss Off David Ogilvy. Then, download the free copywriting crimes poster or share the graphic (complete with digital coffee stains)!

Shakespeare’s 5 Rules for Making Up Words (to Get Attention)


Demian is passionate about helping you write content that gets people to stop what they’re doing and become engrossed in your story.

As a bonus, after you read Shakespeare’s 5 Rules for Making Up Words, you’ll get Demian’s personal trick for inventing words.

Shakespeare wasn’t the first to create new words, and he certainly wasn’t the last. Discover how to take advantage of strange words, especially in headlines.

Push yourself creatively

Use this post (and save it for future reference!) as you review your content creation process.

Can you spot opportunities to improve the quality of your content and give your audience a more memorable experience?

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